Interesting facts about Dominican Republic

18 maart 2021

I am sure many of you have thought at least once, what it would be like to live in a Caribbean island like the Dominican Republic. This popular nation is not only a common choice amongst holidaymakers all over the world, but also has very rich and interesting history. They were colonised by the spanish,…

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Is Dominican Republic a tax haven?

17 maart 2021

Although the Dominican Republic is not considered a tax haven, it has a territorial tax system, which means you can live there tax free as long as your income comes from abroad (this also applies to businesses). Second passports Another attractive fact about the Dominican Republic is that after two years of residence, you can…

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  • Piantini

    Ensanche Piantini is a district or neighborhood within the city of Santo Domingo in the National District of the Dominican Republic. Piantini is in particular populated by individuals from the upper class, and has the second most expensive price per m² in the country, after Los Cacicazgos’ Anacaona Avenue.            …

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  • ¿Está interesado en comprar una propiedad en la República Dominicana? Entonces este artículo es ideal para usted

    ¿Es buena idea invertir en la República Dominicana? Invertir en la República Dominicana siempre es una excelente decisión, pero todo depende de su situación. Lo más importante para responder a esta pregunta es: en qué tipo de propiedad va a invertir, República Dominicana es una isla enorme, con muchas opciones turísticas y opciones de negocios…

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  • Financiar Bienes Raíces en República Dominicana

    Como en todas partes del mundo, el financiamiento de bienes raíces es un tema que tiene muchas aristas, y la República Dominicana no es la excepción. La siguiente guía de preguntas y respuestas te dará los detalles que debes saber a la hora de financiar bienes raíces en la República Dominicana, así finalmente podrás obtener…

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  • How to buy a property in Dominican Republic?

    Is it smart to Invest in the Dominican Republic? If it is smart to invest in Dominican Republic depends on your own situation and the most important thing to answer this question is: in, what kind of property are you going to invest, Dominican Republic is a huge island with lots of options for tourist…

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  • Financing Real Estate in Dominican Republic

    As anywhere in the world financing real estate is a subject that has many tricky points, and the Dominican Republic is not an exception. Because of this, we came up with a Q&A with the specifics of financing in the Dominican Republic and (finally) getting your slice of paradise here. During my 15-year career in…

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