Weather in Santo Domingo

3 december 2020

Temperature variations in Santo Domingo

Temperature in Santo Domingo does not vary much, because the tropical trade winds help reduce the heat and humidity throughout the year. These winds give Santo Domingo tropical climate. From December to March you will experience the coolest months with hot days with less humidity and colder evenings with temperatures around 17 to 19 °C (63 to 66 °F). The warmest months go from July to September. The lowest recorded temperature has been 11.0 °C on the 5th of February in 1951 and 7th of January in 1957. Additionally, the highest is 39.5 °C on the 29th of May in 2002.

Rain in Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo has an average of 1,445 millimetres of rain yearly. The driest months are from December through April; however, you can still get rain during these months due to the trade winds and mountains on the southwest.

Fun facts about Santo Domingo

  • In the 5th of August 1498, Santo Domingo became the oldest European city in the Americas. Bartholomew Columbus founded and named it La Nueva Isabela, after the Queen of Spain, Isabella I. In 1495 it was renamed “Santo Domingo”, in honour of Saint Dominic. Since then, Santo Domingo was known as the “Gateway to the Caribbean” and the leading town in Hispaniola. you will be able to find monuments and historical spots such as la Fortaleza Ozama, Parque Colon, Plaza de España, and Catedral Santa Maria La Menor.
  • Moreover, the Ozama river is where you will find the country’s largest port. It flows 148 kilometres before emptying into the Caribbean Sea. This river has always been a great asset to Santo Domingo’s economic development and the growth.
  • In general, it is safe to say, that the weather and the history of the Dominican Republic and its capital Santo Domingo, are two of the many reasons why it is considered a hotspot for holiday makers, real estate investors and agents, and a great place to have a summer home.

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